If Your Customers Have a Smart Phone…You Need ESLs

The world of retail has changed, is changing and will continue to change at a rapidly increasing rate. Today’s consumer is better armed with information than at anytime in the history of the world. They carry in their pocket more computing power than was used to put a man on the moon. They have anywhere access to a technology that was designed to withstand a nuclear attack. And they are using all this astounding technology against you. The consumer stands in your store, in front of your merchandise, and shops the web looking to find the same product cheaper elsewhere. And don’t think for a moment this is going to change. The arms dealers in this battle are e-commerce companies like Amazon. Amazon is dedicated to fueling this war. Jeff Bezos (Founder and CEO of Amazon) has openly stated, “Your margin is my opportunity”. So how do you, a bricks and mortar retailer, fight back and win this war?

Today’s most common tactic is to rapidly change prices of products to meet the price being offered by competitors. The same weapons used by consumers are being employed by retailers to keep prices comparable. Some companies are even employing more sophisticated tools that automatically scan the web, hunting down price changes. This is the headquarters of the new battlefield. But in the trenches the war is being lost.

In the trenches, prices can only change as fast as labels can be printed, matched to the merchandise, old label removed, new label attached and POS updated. All of this is costing more people time, more money, and more materials. Meanwhile, Amazon can change prices with a click of a button. In this war they can move faster and cheaper – until now. Enter MarginMate, The Equalizer.

MarginMate is bringing Electronic Shelf Label technology to retailers like you. With this solution, a single click of a button will change product price at both the shelf label and your POS system. Take that Amazon. No cost, no time, no wasted resources. Now you can focus on enhancing your store experience with the confidence that all products are priced correctly, match POS and reflect maximum margins to support operational victory. And MarginMate can help you with that as well.