Basic Research – Can Electronic Shelf Labels Work For Me?

Interested in learning if Electronic Shelf Labels can work for you? Your first question is likely, “What will it cost?” After all, there is no point spending valuable time researching a solution, only to find its cost prohibitive.

Here’s some of the factors that MarginMate takes into consideration when designing an Electronic Shelf Labels solution for you:

  • location size
  • floor plan
  • number of SKU’s
  • frequency of price changes

We’ll meet with you, to thoroughly explain all aspects of our solution and ensure we both clearly understand each other and the goals to achieve.

Advanced Research – Determining Options

Once you have determined that Electronic Shelf Labels will work for you, it’s time to look further into the custom options available with this technology to further reduce costs, enhance store experience and improve productivity. MarginMate will delve deeper into the operations of your store, at this stage, to craft a solution that fits best with your needs.

We have the experience, let us help.