Two entrepreneurs, who wanted to become pioneers in the emerging business of Electronic Shelf Labels, founded MarginMate in 2005.

After a decade of experience they have emerged as the leader in Electronic Shelf Label installations. They are the most experienced integrators, with over 350 installations in 4 different countries, for many innovative businessmen just like themselves.

MarginMate can lay claim to the single largest retail footprint of Electronic Shelf Labels in the world. Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Dallas store measures 1.85 million square feet, with 560,000 square feet of selling space. This massive store has over 24,000 Electronic Shelf Labels installed, covering items including 165 recliners, 110 bedroom suites, 500 hanging area rugs, 109 dishwashers, 76 washer and dryer pairs, a full range of electronics and home accessories.

They are not saying this to brag. Quite the opposite, they just want you to feel comfortable in knowing you are not the first person to do this.

MarginMate has transformed from rugged pioneers into the experts of Electronic Shelf Labels.
Today MarginMate has customer solutions in liquor, furniture, electronics, appliances, mobile phone, college bookstores, pharmacy and grocery retail operations, as well as on production lines and office signage.

These systems are responsible for a minimum of 3,619,200 price changes per year at the click of a button. These changes save their customers in excess of $10,000,000 annually, simply by saving the time it takes for a person to physically change a label.

The MarginMate Advantage

Making Technology Work

20150909_115143-001When you have worked with a “new” technology for over a decade, you tend to learn a thing or two along the way. When you are results oriented, and motivated to get things done right, you learn more than you ever thought possible. Like how to slice exactly one thousandth of an inch off of a plastic extrusion with nothing more than a block plane! (More on that later.)

This year MarginMate expects to complete their 400th install. They have completed installations in four countries, including the largest retail footprint with Electronic Shelf Labels in the world.

So why does all of this matter? It matters because MarginMate has seen and done it all. Challenges happen, and when they do, they use all of their talent and experience to rise above the occasion, getting the job done right, on time, and on budget. Even if it means manually shaving off one to three thousandths of an inch from 1,200 extrusions overnight to ensure the job was done before store opening! Our team is dedicated to getting the job done and done right so that your location will be ready to go, problem free, on time.

They have more “behind the scenes” stories they could tell, but more importantly is that in the end, your audience – your customer, will receive the industry’s premier presentation. This is The MarginMate Advantage.